Wheel A Way is a virtual electric wheelchair simulator game based in Singapore, intended to help the users to get used to its functions. Collaborated with one of the top Hospital in Singapore. This simulator is targeted to patients who do not have any experience with an electric wheelchair. The objectives of the game are to be familiar with the dos and don’ts on the roads or even in their home. It is a practice of navigating around safely and also to be aware of the rules they need to follow. The entire project was 3D modelled from the ground up to create an authentic Singapore flat and street view.


  • Semifinalist – wheel a way | 2016 | Health Innovation Technology challenge
  • Finalist – wheel a way | 2017 | Tech Factor Challenge

Game Design Document: WHEELAWAYGD.docx


HDB (3).jpg
Figure 1: In-game on the road preview
HDB (4).jpg
Figure 2: In-game on the void deck preview
HDB (7).jpg
Figure 3: In-game on the MRT platform preview